PSP understands the value of local pharmacies and the service they provide to the community, but, because of the specialized nature of topical medications, very few pharmacies cover the breadth of solutions provided by PSP. Along with our scope of medications and expertise, additional reasons providers partner with PSP are: Ease of Ordering — Cost Advocacy — Patient Convenience
With all medications you have a risk of an adverse reaction with a patient. The most common would be a patient presents with a rash or discoloration on the skin. The patient should discontinue use, notify the pharmacy, and schedule an office visit with the physician.
PSP only works with Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) that have drug pedigree documentation and a certificate of authenticity.
Yes, there are medications available that are covered by Medicare.
Prescription and demographic sheet with insurance information.
For the Surgical Treatment Program, once the initial paperwork is completed, the process for the staff is minimal. We will just need regular updates for upcoming surgeries with proper patient and insurance information as well as surgery date(s). Once we have that, our Patient Care Team takes the lead with contacting the patient, getting the prescription filled, and handling any patient questions or concerns that may arise.
Every patient and health plan is different and Physician Specialty Pharmacy is committed to working with each patient to ensure that the cost of their medication does not cause financial hardship.